May 08, 2009

Last Days of the Teddy Blanket

A few weeks before we collected Dylan, we left a little 'teddy blanket' to have in his sleep area - the idea is that this picks up the scent of the mum and litter mates and is a comfort to the puppy when you bring them home. All worked really well and the little blue blanket has been a constant companion since Dylan arrived, usually staying in his crate where he sleeps with it at night. I haven't wanted to wash it but yesterday it seems Dylan decided the blanket was no longer a comforter but a new toy. He dragged it all over the house shaking it like a rabbit can see the results ... I'm afraid blanket and teddy head are now 'separated'. The look on his face when the head came off was quite something but sadly I didn't have my camera . Still he seems to enjoy carrying the head around in his mouth even more  - gruesome if you ask me!

Dylan continues to terrier-ise us most days- flapping trousers still a favourite and chewing arms is a constant pleasure for him but definitely not for us. Especially as it's at its worse first thing in the morning. His latest tactic is to carry a cuddly toy onto Kev's feet and pretend he's chewing that , then sneakily move his teeth over the ankle area shortly after!  I was pleased to hear that Dylan's mum,Darcy, also liked to chew trousers when she was a pup and one of his little litter mates is doing the same in his new home- at least we are not alone. It's all in the genes.  Thanks for the moral support Julie! 

Dylan's first 'puppy party' at the vets turned out to be more of a 1 on 1- there was only Dylan and a very placid Pekingese there! (perhaps someone had told the other pup's he was coming?) Mixing Dylan with a dog that is mainly carried and had hardly been down on the floor at all was NOT a match made in heaven. Dylan thought "what a fantastic new fluffy toy" and jumped all over it. The Pekingese thought "Really! I'm never going down on the floor again if this is what it entails."  Even when it came to be weighed, Dylan demanded to go first pushing the Pekingese off the embarrassing! Perhaps another party next week when there's some bigger dogs to keep him in line...

And finally, Dylan's antics with the cork have finally been captured on video. He's subsequently realised the game was up and taken the cork elsewhere - he doesn't give up that boy. 

Happy puppy days. 

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