June 30, 2009

Dylan at Devil's Dyke

Another scorching day. Little Dylan was in the doldrums this morning as I think the heat was too much for him so I popped him in the car this afternoon to see if I could finally get this little sea-dog to swim. Only this time, I decided to avoid the waves (which give Dylan the heebie jeebies!) and go to a little pond on Devil's Dyke where I've seen dogs splashing around . Dylan perked up immediately we got out of the car and realised he had new territory to explore. After some scampering around in the shady forest tracks we got to the slime filled pond. Dylan wasn't sure immediately whether he wanted to go in so took to barking at the pond for a while and running around the outside. Eventually he found a bit of bank in the most slime filled area and dropped right into the water (if you can call it that). He loved it!

Later, after a good run around in the dip of the Dyke, we came back home where I fashioned a 'poor dogs version' of a paddling pool to wash off the slime and help him cool off. An old cardboard box and ikea bag will do nicely I thought. Filled it up and he was straight in! You can see the results below. I don't think he approves of ikea....off to Freecycle to see if anyone has an old paddling pool to get us through the summer!

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