June 26, 2009

Back on air

We have been 'off air' for a couple of days as poor little Dylan got very sick on Wednesday. He had his final immunisation on Tuesday and I don't know if it was that or one of his plant eating episodes but he just couldn't keep any food down and gave us all a big scare. I'm pleased to say he has now made a complete recovery, is eating like there's no tomorrow and, if it's possible, is more naughty than ever....I have a frayed stair carpet to prove it, not to mention a completely shredded local paper put through the letterbox not 10 minutes ago.
Dylan had a great time last night rolling around in fluffy blossom from the trees and playing football at the rugby ground (is that in breach of a rugby by-law?).

There has been little practice for puppy school tonight as a result of his illness- I'm dreading it and fear we may be given 100 lines...

I will do my puppy homework
I will do my puppy homework
I will do my puppy homework

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