June 02, 2009

Dylan meets Dooley

We've had such a lovely day- Karen and her gorgeous grown up Welsh Terrier, Dooley, came to visit and we spent the day at the park. Dooley used to be little rascal like Dylan when he was a pup but is now a completely mellow and lovely dog - there is hope for Dylan yet! It was wonderful to see them playing together and Dooley even got quite protective, giving any other dog who gave Dylan a hard time a little swipe with his elegant paws. Dylan learnt lots from his new 'big brother' - sadly one thing was how to run up the stairs at home .... but in Dylan's case he doesn't know how to get down!  Another stairgate on the way!
Thanks Karen for coming to see us and sharing all your tips. And thanks to Dooley for putting up with all the ear pulling and toy stealing!

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