June 28, 2009

Driftwood Days

Dylan met a new friend at the park yesterday- a lovely little miniature schnauzer called Oscar. Also 4 months old and a very good match for puppy wrestling.

Just to prove that he is back to his energetic self, Dylan decided to demonstrate his strength by carrying around a piece of driftwood bigger than himself at the beach this morning. That little pupster has determination! He also had a major seaweed craving today. Still, it beats the fish eggs. No wonder he got sick last week ...he's a walking hoover and would clean up the whole beach if we let him.

After more fun and frolics in the very hot sun , Dylan plonked himself down on the living room rug and has lain there all afternoon, only rising for food, water and chicken stock ice cubes (the Magnums of the puppy world). What a life.

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