June 14, 2009

New Best Friend

Chris and little Dan came to visit us from Manchester this weekend. For once, Chris managed not to bring drizzly rain down with him and we've had a fantastic weekend on the beach. Dylan loved having a little playmate all weekend and the naughty puppy has completely tired himself out running around, chasing bubbles (and Dan!) and doing a bit of sea paddling. If you look carefully at the bottom right corner on the video below you'll see our little salty sea dog making a very professional quick exit as soon as he comes close to the deeper water.... he's in plenty of deep water most days already!

It's 7.30pm now and Dylan is sitting here looking all forlorn at the loss of his new best friend and pottering around the house checking to see if Dan is still here. His ears are clagged up with chicken bubble soap and his little legs more scraggy than usual from all that salt water. Looks like we'll have to take the little fella up North for a visit soon and put the 'smile' back on his face.

THANK YOU DAN ...for being so kind to little Dylan and and giving him the best weekend he's had in ages- We'll get some more bubbles in for your next visit!

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