June 20, 2009

Dylan goes North

We went to see my mam for her birthday this week up in the North East. What a glorious sunny weekend it was and Dylan had lots of fun and frolics on the local beach, running around in the sand like a crazy thing. He's only ever seen a pebble beach before! We were so lucky with the weather and super photographer Kev was there too so I actually feature in a picture or two! (Note to self... must teach Dylan how to take snapshots. Wonder if it's on the puppy school curriculum?)

Dylan took a real shine to my mam - think it might be something to do with her trip to the local butcher's to get him some lovely bones.....he seems to feel like a 'proper dog' when he has a bone and struts around with bits of gristle and marrowbone stuck to his fluffy legs. He also took to squeezing himself into any spot near mam's favourite chair and contorted himself into all kinds of positions before napping contentedly at her feet whenever he got the chance.

Thanks Mam - we all had a brilliant weekend !

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